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Please visit my new website www.andysewellart.com to learn more about me, and see all my newest artworks! Also visit my online art school at www.sewellartcoach.com

I have been an artist and have loved to draw most of my life. I studied Art, Architecture and Graphic Design in college. I graduated from the University of Idaho in 1989.  I worked as a Graphic Designer for 15 years and continued to pursue my desire for painting on the side. I still dabble in some Graphic Design work as well. In 1999 I began doing "Art in the Park" shows with great sucess. In 2003, I left my art director position in the corporate world to focus on painting full time. I won several awards at juried shows in the northwest USA, and was an invited guest artist to some. My work and I have been in a handful of articles and publications as well.

I grew up in Idaho and I have a great appreciation for what Idaho has to offer including it's Southwest Deserts, majestic Sawtooth Mountains, and the Central region with the mighty Salmon River and all the beauty and recreation it offers there.

Currently, I live in the Palouse region of Idaho. Some people have called it the "Tuscany of America" with its beautiful endless rolling hills full of wheat, barley and lentils. Top it all off with North Idaho's wonderful captivating lakes like Coeur d' Alend and Lake Pend Oreille.

I have traveled to many states across the USA and abroad, and I always come back with a robust appreciation for what a wonderful and beautiful state Idaho is! In 2020, I was chosen as Idaho Conservation League's Artist in Residence. What a pleasure to capture and paint such a majestic state!

My favorite medium to use is watercolor because of the transitioning process of movement from loose flowing washes to tightly rendered details. I am growing very fond of oil painting as well with its buttery blending and the option for texture. I also dabble in custom designed Metal Art and enjoy designing and playing in metal also. See some of my metal desgins here.

My body of work is varied.  I enjoy painting the sunlight in a poppy, the colors in an old rusty truck or rustic barn in the rolling hills. I seek to capture the memory of a sunset, favorite pet, or an afternoon fly-fishing trip. I also paint commissions. I am doing this more and more. Please call and visit me at my Sewell Gallery and Studion. Just north of Moscow, Idaho. You can also see my artwork on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy.

I believe art should be something hung on a wall to be a blessing to you.  It should remind you of something special or meaningful, or to simply capture a part of creation that you can continually enjoy!